MM oo hh ii tt MM

CEO - Ftechiz Solutions

DD ee ee pp aa kk rr

business development manager

PP oo oo jj aa dd

Human Resource (HR)

MM uu nn ii ss hh pp

Software Tester / QA Software Tester / QA

AA nn kk uu ss hh

Web designer Web designer

HH aa rr ii ss hh aa nn kk aa rr

Sr. Software Developer Sr. software Developer

PP rr ii yy aa nn kk aa ss

iOS Developer iOS Developer

NN aa nn cc yy jj

JAVA/MEAN Stack Developer JAVA/MEAN Stack Developer

PP rr ii yy aa nn kk aa ss

Web Developer Web Developer

DD ee ee pp aa kk rr

Sr. Software Developer Sr. Software Developer

SS uu mm aa nn bb

Front-end Developer Front-end Developer

NN ee hh aa kk

Full stack / Blockchain Developer Full stack / Blockchain Developer

VV ii nn aa yy BB

Sr. Android Developer Sr. Android Developer

KK aa rr aa nn vv ee ee rr RR

Node JS developer Node JS developer

KK ss hh ii tt ii jj BB

Java Developer Java Developer

AA dd aa rr ss hh BB

Android developer Android developer

SS hh ii ll pp aa CC

Python Developer Python Developer

KK uu nn aa ll DD

Android developer Android developer

MM oo hh aa nn kk

Business Development Executive (BDE)

KK ss hh ii tt ii jj SS

Sr. phython Developer Sr. phython Developer

PP aa rr uu ll mm

React native developer React native developer

NN ee ee rr aa jj TT

Sr. Java Developer Sr. Java Developer

NN ii tt ii ss hh rr

Business Development Executive (BDE)


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